Best free Android App to Download for each Category

Given the numerous articles on new applications in this blog, it becomes natural to make a general selection and make a real, updated and valuable list of the best applications for Android smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG and all those that have Android as a system operating.

All the applications listed here can be downloaded for free from the official Google Play website, which can be installed with a click.


They are not all apps to be installed on the same phone (unless you have 64GB or more of internal memory), but they must be downloaded according to the various needs and interests.

In this summary, we see the best Android apps ever, divided into categories.

In many cases, I will refer to the list of the best for each category, so that I can choose an alternative if the recommended one does not work.


Best free Android App to Download


1) Browser web

From the list of browsers for Android, we can select whether to surf the internet with Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, Maxthon, or other very fast apps to open websites.

I personally believe that Google Chrome is the most complete browser on every Android smartphone.

If we want a light and fast browser to immediately surf anonymously and also change IP on the fly, we can try Tor Browser for Android, to be downloaded together with Orbot.


2) App photos and gallery

This is another Best Free Android App to Download. Among the best Gallery Apps for Android to browse photos on mobile and tablet, the one that must be installed is definitely Google Photos which makes an unlimited online backup.

In another article, however, the best applications for photo editing, effects, and photo editing on Android are listed, among which stand out Fotor, Pixlr, and Google Snapseed.

If we want to use photo editing tools, Photoshop is also available for free for Android devices.


3) Camera app

The app to take photos with the phone changes according to the model and brand: on some, you will find an excellent app, on others instead of a poorer one that is worth replacing.

In another article, we have listed the best camera apps for Android among which we definitely recommend Camera MX.

In another article, we talked about the best apps for taking Selfie Photos with an Android smartphone, among which the Retrica app certainly stands out.


4) Music app

Android defaults to its Google Music service as a multimedia app and music streaming app.

If we don’t like this app, we can always change it: there are many apps to listen to music on an Android smartphone, and to find the best one, try them until you find the one with which you are better.

We recommend to immediately listen to the music stored locally in the memory, the free Musixmatch app, which allows you to hear the music and to immediately obtain the lyrics of the songs online.

Among the apps to listen to streaming music for free, the one that must not be missing is Spotify for Android.


5) App Video

On Android smartphones, the app is often missing to watch videos, or the integrated one does not support all the videos, therefore it is to be replaced.

Among the best apps to watch videos and movies on Android, the choice falls on the two best apps, namely VLC or MXPlayer, which can play any type of video.


6) Launcher

it is also the Best free Android App to Download. Launchers are apps that change the interface of the main screen on an Android smartphone; unlike an iPhone, we can always customize the appearance even in a radical way.

In another article, we will find the updated list of the Best Launchers for Android phones, among which definitely stands out Nova Launcher, the most powerful and versatile although many interesting features are offered for a fee.


7) App Google

Google, to try to make Android smartphones of various brands more similar, divides all the functions of the mobile phone into applications that can be downloaded and installed on each phone.

In addition to the most famous Google Maps and youtube, there are also apps for SMS, the keyboard, the camera, the phone, the alarm clock, the address book, and many others.


8) App Cloud

Cloud service is essential for those who use a phone because the most private and important files can be saved in a safe place online and thus find them on the computer without having to make connections with special cables or software.

There are many “cloud storage” apps on Android to synchronize files with PC and on the web, among these, we recommend using the most famous and widespread one on Android, namely Google Drive.


9) App Various accessories

By accessories, we mean apps with tools that use the phone’s sensors or that work for activities other than the basic ones of a smartphone.

We collected some of the best Android mobile accessories, mentioning the apps for the flashlight, the code scanner, Teletext, and others.


10) App with root permissions

We have always kept up to date along with the updated list of the best applications for Android phones unlocked with root, so as to take full advantage of this possibility.

I remind you that unlocking root permissions is becoming increasingly difficult, given that the manufacturers locked the device at the bootloader level, thus increasing the steps necessary for unlocking the permissions.


Last Verdict

Finally, the best of the Android apps ever, the Navigaweb Tech application to receive the latest news from this blog directly on your phone!

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