Whose cell phone number did you call?

Whose cell phone number did you call? While it is very simple to obtain all types of information on calls from national fixed numbers, the discourse of mobile numbers is different. This is because for fixed numbers there are lists such as the White Pages, the classic volume of numbers that reaches us at home, and which is also available for online consultation. If we wish to obtain information on an unknown cell phone number, we can use one of the lists for cell phone numbers or one of the dedicated search services, available thanks to the increasingly frequent use of the cell phone number within messaging services. and social.

Whose cell phone number did you call

In most cases, these will be lists created by the users themselves, which indicate the numbers from which the advertisements originate and which therefore help to keep the blacklist of unwanted numbers.

The only sure way to know who called us with a number that we don’t have in the phonebook would be to call him back; alternatively, we can search for that number on the Internet using one of the sites or tricks listed below, so we can know in advance if it’s worth calling back.


How to identify a cell phone number

All the methods and reported below are legal, given that the number is provided by the user himself within the services or public lists; with a little luck, we will always find precise information on the unknown number who contacted us without the need to call back.


Check the number on Facebook

If a person accesses Facebook using his own number and if it is visible in his publicly shared information, it is possible to search for the number by going to the Facebook search bar (after logging in with our account) and entering in the field the unknown number, so as to find out which account it is associated with.


This search method is really effective because, by default, the phone number you register on Facebook is visible to everyone. So if someone called us who registered the number on Facebook, we could also find his name and surname from the social network.

About the search on Facebook, it is also possible to automate the recognition of the mobile number of the caller using the app called Facebook Hello which recognizes all the numbers of the caller.


Check the number on WhatsApp or similar apps

WhatsApp is the most used app on all smartphones and requires the phone number to manage the account and make yourself available to friends; however, the number is also visible to strangers, as long as they view our number at least once! So if we receive a call from a number we don’t know, just add it to the phone’s address book and then check in WhatsApp if this number is associated with a face, a nickname, or a name.


The only thing that can prevent recognition from WhatsApp is the modification of a precise setting from the privacy settings of the app, which allows you to show the profile picture not to everyone, but only to personal contacts. Anyway, we can always contact this number via WhatsApp if we don’t want to call by voice, to find out who it is. In addition to WhatsApp, we can perform the same search using Facebook Messenger, Skype, or Telegram.


Check the number on Google

Searching for the owner of a mobile number on Google can certainly work if this number belongs to a call center, a professional, or a commercial company.


Google search can lead to the information sheet of the company or freelancer with which the number is associated (especially if it has a VAT number or an individual company) or to reports from other people made on specialized forums (as we will see in the next chapter).

If the unknown phone number has been around for some time, we will certainly find references to it on the Internet, just check on Google at the right time.

Google allows, in the latest versions of Android for Pixel and for Android One, to immediately obtain information on the calling number, using the same information visible from the Web: when we receive a call from a number not present in the address book but present on Google, it will appear in the dialer directly the name of the company or business, so you can always choose whether to reply or not.

To integrate this type of recognition, simply install the Google Phone app on our Android smartphone (to install this app on some smartphones you need to download the APK file compatible with your smartphone from APKMirror).


Other sites or apps to find phone numbers

In addition to the methods seen so far, we can search for a mobile or landline number on one of the sites listed below:


1. Tellows, on-site with a dedicated forum where anyone can report the most annoying phone numbers, so as to make them recognizable on the site or through a specific blocking app for Android and iOS.

2. Truecaller: this site works very well, but it is effective especially with calls from landlines from registered stores and businesses rather than private phone numbers. Truecaller can be installed as control and blocking app on Android and iOS.

3. Dive3000 or 1254: These are two websites that also provide a phone book with cell phone numbers. Dive3000 requires registration with a Facebook account while Chichiama is direct. Both are services similar to Tellows, which is powered by users themselves who report the most recurring and annoying commercial call numbers.

4. Who’s calling? is another indexing service based on users’ opinions, very useful to track down the numbers of call centers or paid services, in particular those who call continuously at all hours. Again we can install the app for Android and filter calls automatically.

5. Jamino: mandatory subscription service where you can find a complete list of mobile phone numbers, indexed by various services and information sharing sites.

6. Whooming: service dedicated to the display of anonymous calls’ mobile number, also available as an app for Android and iOS. We can learn more about this by reading our guide on how to find out the number of anonymous calls.

7. PagineGialle: if the phone number belongs to a professional or a company, we can find it within the PagineGialle, available as a website and as an app for Android and iOS.



As we guessed from reading this guide, a mobile phone number can be combined with a precise name and surname, in particular, if the user has already used this number on some online services or to access some messaging apps or social networks. If the user is very cautious and has avoided entering the number on the web, it could be very difficult to trace the identity of the caller.

If the phone number that you contact us is a landline number, we have seen in another article which are the best lists to find the address and name from the phone number.

Best free Android App to Download for each Category

Given the numerous articles on new applications in this blog, it becomes natural to make a general selection and make a real, updated and valuable list of the best applications for Android smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG and all those that have Android as a system operating.

All the applications listed here can be downloaded for free from the official Google Play website, which can be installed with a click.


They are not all apps to be installed on the same phone (unless you have 64GB or more of internal memory), but they must be downloaded according to the various needs and interests.

In this summary, we see the best Android apps ever, divided into categories.

In many cases, I will refer to the list of the best for each category, so that I can choose an alternative if the recommended one does not work.


Best free Android App to Download


1) Browser web

From the list of browsers for Android, we can select whether to surf the internet with Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, Maxthon, or other very fast apps to open websites.

I personally believe that Google Chrome is the most complete browser on every Android smartphone.

If we want a light and fast browser to immediately surf anonymously and also change IP on the fly, we can try Tor Browser for Android, to be downloaded together with Orbot.


2) App photos and gallery

This is another Best Free Android App to Download. Among the best Gallery Apps for Android to browse photos on mobile and tablet, the one that must be installed is definitely Google Photos which makes an unlimited online backup.

In another article, however, the best applications for photo editing, effects, and photo editing on Android are listed, among which stand out Fotor, Pixlr, and Google Snapseed.

If we want to use photo editing tools, Photoshop is also available for free for Android devices.


3) Camera app

The app to take photos with the phone changes according to the model and brand: on some, you will find an excellent app, on others instead of a poorer one that is worth replacing.

In another article, we have listed the best camera apps for Android among which we definitely recommend Camera MX.

In another article, we talked about the best apps for taking Selfie Photos with an Android smartphone, among which the Retrica app certainly stands out.


4) Music app

Android defaults to its Google Music service as a multimedia app and music streaming app.

If we don’t like this app, we can always change it: there are many apps to listen to music on an Android smartphone, and to find the best one, try them until you find the one with which you are better.

We recommend to immediately listen to the music stored locally in the memory, the free Musixmatch app, which allows you to hear the music and to immediately obtain the lyrics of the songs online.

Among the apps to listen to streaming music for free, the one that must not be missing is Spotify for Android.


5) App Video

On Android smartphones, the app is often missing to watch videos, or the integrated one does not support all the videos, therefore it is to be replaced.

Among the best apps to watch videos and movies on Android, the choice falls on the two best apps, namely VLC or MXPlayer, which can play any type of video.


6) Launcher

it is also the Best free Android App to Download. Launchers are apps that change the interface of the main screen on an Android smartphone; unlike an iPhone, we can always customize the appearance even in a radical way.

In another article, we will find the updated list of the Best Launchers for Android phones, among which definitely stands out Nova Launcher, the most powerful and versatile although many interesting features are offered for a fee.


7) App Google

Google, to try to make Android smartphones of various brands more similar, divides all the functions of the mobile phone into applications that can be downloaded and installed on each phone.

In addition to the most famous Google Maps and youtube, there are also apps for SMS, the keyboard, the camera, the phone, the alarm clock, the address book, and many others.


8) App Cloud

Cloud service is essential for those who use a phone because the most private and important files can be saved in a safe place online and thus find them on the computer without having to make connections with special cables or software.

There are many “cloud storage” apps on Android to synchronize files with PC and on the web, among these, we recommend using the most famous and widespread one on Android, namely Google Drive.


9) App Various accessories

By accessories, we mean apps with tools that use the phone’s sensors or that work for activities other than the basic ones of a smartphone.

We collected some of the best Android mobile accessories, mentioning the apps for the flashlight, the code scanner, Teletext, and others.


10) App with root permissions

We have always kept up to date along with the updated list of the best applications for Android phones unlocked with root, so as to take full advantage of this possibility.

I remind you that unlocking root permissions is becoming increasingly difficult, given that the manufacturers locked the device at the bootloader level, thus increasing the steps necessary for unlocking the permissions.


Last Verdict

Finally, the best of the Android apps ever, the Navigaweb Tech application to receive the latest news from this blog directly on your phone!

Best Apps and Sites to Download Ringtones for free

A telephone is a personal tool, which in many cases closely reflects our personality and our tastes. Precisely for this reason, since the first cell phones with a color screen and polyphonic ringtones, everyone has customized the phone to make it unique. With the advent of the smartphone this trend to personalize has not diminished: today we can customize the phone ringtone and notification sounds in the way you prefer, for free and without difficulty.


In this guide, we will show you the best apps and sites to download free ringtones on our smartphone, so as to make it perfect for our personality.

Since there are many sites and apps that offer ringtones, wallpapers, and themes, we will try to show you only the safest and most reliable services to download material, so as to be sure not to catch any viruses and no infections while we try to download some background or some ringtone.


Best apps and sites to download free ringtones

Do we want to download something for our latest generation smartphone? We can choose one of the following sites, all excellent for downloading ringtones, they also offer apps for smartphones, so you can choose the material directly from the phone without having to necessarily go through the PC.



ZEDGE is an immensely popular portal where various users share multimedia content for mobile phones. In addition to the site, we can also use specific apps for Android and for iPhone.


All ringtones can be downloaded directly from PC or phone without any registration. Among the advanced search menus, you can see how it is possible to download Themes, wallpapers, videos, games, and Ringtones or call tones or for SMS by writing the keywords on the bar available.

Among the “Tools” there are also several web applications to create ringtones, to hear a voice that speaks by writing what words it has to say (Text-to-speech), to create backgrounds according to the phone model even using own photographs.



Mobile9 is made up of a community of users who share everything you can have on a mobile phone or iPhone. In this site there is everything, ringtones, games, videos, images, backgrounds, themes and everything is searchable by putting the model of your mobile phone.


The site can be used on a PC by pressing the Browse now button and inserting the smartphone model we own, inserting the manufacturer followed by the precise model (watch out for Samsung who has several models with several different acronyms).



MyTinyPhone contains many ringtones in its database and all of them can be downloaded for free directly on the phone or on the PC.


To search for the new ringtone for our smartphone we can use the search bar at the top or one of the categories on the left side of the site.

Among the tools offered by the site, we can find a convenient web application called Ringtone Maker, which allows you to upload music in an MP3 format no larger than 8 MB and transform it into a ringtone suitable for our phone.



Tones7 is a good site to download free ringtones, organized in musical genres.


Its database is very large and it is really spoiled for choice, being able to immediately download the most famous ringtones directly from the homepage or using one of the genres highlighted on the right side of the site, so you can change the ringtone for each contact or for each scenario. in which we use our smartphone.



Audiko is another excellent site where you can find free ringtones for our phone.


We can download the most popular ringtones directly from the homepage or press one of the genre buttons at the top of the site.

Alternatively, we can also use the upper search bar or create our own ringtone by pressing the Create Ringtone button and uploading our personal MP3 file.

For Audiko we can also use the app for Android and for iOS (in the latter case the app is paid).


Other apps to download free ringtones

Are the sites we showed above not enough to satisfy your desire for trendy ringtones or suited to our needs? On this page, we have collected other useful apps to download useful material to personalize our mobile phone. The best apps to download ringtones on Android, in addition to those already mentioned above, are:



Downloading ringtones suitable for our purposes and our phones in complete safety, avoiding sites full of viruses or dubious content, is easy: just choose the sources indicated above, so you can download any type of ringtone from your PC or directly from the smartphone without problems.

In another guide we have collected the sites of famous and famous phrases of Italian or foreign films, to be downloaded and used as ringing tones for mobile phones.

How to Change Ringtone in Samsung [Complete Guide]

You just bought a new Samsung cell phone. Happy with your purchase, you immediately began to “tweak” with its settings, trying to customize the device as much as possible but, being still not very expert about its operation, you were unable to understand how to change the warning tone used for incoming calls.


How do you say? Things are exactly this way and would you like to know if I can give you a hand on what to do? Of course yes, we would miss more! Take a few minutes of your precious time to read this tutorial and find out, together with me, how to change the ringtone on Samsung by setting one of the many ringtones “standard” on the device, transferring new ones from the computer or downloading them from Android.

I anticipate that, contrary to what you can imagine, this is a very simple operation to complete. Follow the directions carefully below and I assure you that you will be able to achieve your goal in no time. There is nothing left for me to do, except to wish you a good read and a lot of fun!


Preliminary operations

how to change samsung ringtones

Before getting to the heart of the tutorial, going to find out how to change the ringtone on a Samsung, there are some preliminary operations that you must perform, assuming that you do not want to use the ringtones present “standard” on your smartphone (or tablet, the indications to follow are the same).

Specifically, what I am referring to is the transfer of the ringtone of your interest (or of the audio file you want to transform into a ringtone) from the computer to the mobile phone (if, of course, the reference song is on the PC), to any cutting it and downloading new warning tones directly from your device, turning to some free apps.

In the first case, if the audio file you want to use as a ringtone is not already present on the mobile phone but is on your computer, you must connect the phone to one of the USB ports of the PC, install and start the Samsung SmartSwitch application or the Samsung KIES application and copy the audio file of your interest to the Ringtones folder of the smartphone. For more information on this, I refer you to reading my guide on how to connect the Samsung mobile phone to the PC.


Once the audio file of your interest has been transferred to your mobile phone – or if it is already present on your smartphone – you may need to edit it, perhaps cutting the beginning of the end, in order to adapt it better as a ringtone. To do this, you can use one of the many apps on the Play Store specifically used for the purpose. However, if you want advice, use the Ringtone Maker application of Big Bang Inc, which is free, has an interface in Italian, and is extremely simple to use. To understand, in detail, how to use it, you can follow the instructions on what to do that I provided in my tutorial on how to create ringtones.

If the idea of ​​transferring and/or editing audio files does not suit you very much and you prefer, therefore, to turn to ready-made ringtones, the best suggestion I can give you is to rely on ad hoc apps always available on the Play Store: there are many and they allow you to search and download “pre-packaged” ringing tones for all tastes and needs.


Among the most interesting apps in the category, I suggest you Zedge, which is free, easy to use, and with a practically boundless database: I talked about it in detail (along with other useful resources in this sense) in my article on ringtone applications.

Then know that, depending on the version of Android in use on your Samsung device, the indications relating to the items to be selected in the Android settings that I am going to provide you within the following lines may differ slightly from what you viewed on your mobile phone. To your knowledge, I used a Samsung Galaxy S6 updated to Android 7.0 to write this tutorial.


Change the ringtone on Samsung

Once the preliminary steps above have been completed, I would say that we can finally begin to “get busy”. Let’s find out what are the operations that must be performed to be able to change the ringtone on a Samsung.


All calls

Change the ringtone on Samsung

Do you want to change the ringtone of all incoming calls on your Samsung device? Nothing could be easier! First, take your smartphone, unlock it, access the drawer, and press the Settings icon (the one with the gear symbol). In the new screen displayed, press on the Sounds and vibration item, then on the Ringtone one, and select the ringtone you want to set from those available in the list. Every time you select a ringtone, a preview will be played

If you want to set a personalized ringtone but this is not visible in the list, scroll the screen with all the ringing tones down, press on the Add from device memory item, select the app with which you want to search and select the ringtone and presses on the name of the latter. Then choose the ringtone from there.


For completeness of information, I would like to point out that, again from the Settings> Sounds and vibration section of your Android smartphone, you can adjust the ringtone volume, add vibration and activate silent mode.

As for the ability to adjust the volume, press on the Volume item and move the cursor on the adjustment bar near the Ringtone item to the right to increase the sound level of the ringtone. By moving it, however, to the left, you can decrease the volume. The same thing can also be done by pressing the “Physical” Volume [+] and Volume [-] keys on the left side of the body of the device when no call is in progress and multimedia contents are not playing.

As for the possibility of adding vibration, just turn the switch you find on the item Vibrates and rings to ON. If you deem it necessary, you can also adjust the intensity of the vibration, by pressing on the item Vibration intensity, in fact, and moving the indicator on the right of the Incoming call adjustment bar to the right, in order to increase the level of vibration. By moving it to the left, however, you can decrease it.

If you need to activate the silent mode, press on the wording Audio mode and select, from the menu that opens, the item Silent (to activate silent mode) or Vibrate (to activate the silent mode with vibration in tow). The same changes can also be made from the notification center, recalling the latter with a swipe from top to bottom on the display and pressing the speaker icon in the menu that is shown to you.


Pressing once will activate the silent mode with vibration (the speaker icon will be crossed out) while pressing twice you will enable “pure” silent mode (in this case, the speaker icon will become gray)


Specific contacts

specific contacts

Are you interested in how to change the ringtone on your Samsung device only for specific contacts in the address book, so as to immediately understand who is calling you depending on how the phone rings? I’ll settle for you right away! To do this, first, take your smartphone, unlock it, and access the drawer. Then, press on the Address Book app icon (the one with the yellow background and the little man symbol).

In the new screen that at this point displays, identify, from the list displayed the name of the contact for which you want to set a personalized ringtone, press on it, and tap on the Details item in the menu that opens. If you can’t find it, you can help yourself with the Search field located at the top, by typing the reference name inside.

Then, tap on the word Edit located at the top, scroll down the new screen displayed, press on the item View more and select the word Ringtone. Then, from the list that appears, choose the call tone you want to assign to the contact in question and it is done. If you want to listen to a preview of a given ringtone, simply select its name.

If you want to set a personalized ringtone but this is not visible in the list, scroll the screen with all the ringing tones down, press on the Add from device memory item, select the app with which you want to search and select the ringtone, presses on the name of the latter and selects the call tone from the new screen that opens.


To ensure that the changes made are actually applied, finally presses the arrow symbol located at the top left and, once the contact card is displayed again, presses the Save item which is located in the upper right part of the screen. It was easy, wasn’t it?

If this may interest you, I point out that, again from the screen relating to the contact card, once the changes have been enabled as seen above, you can set a type of vibration different from the default. To do this, tap on the item Vibration type visible after pressing on the wording View more and select the vibration that best suits you from those listed. Keep in mind that every time you select a type of vibration, a preview will be reproduced.


Change notifications and warning tones on Samsung

Change notifications and warning tones on Samsung

To conclude, I would like to point out that, if you wish, you can change the ringtone on your Samsung device even by intervening on notifications and warning tones. How you do it? I’ll explain it right away. To begin with, take your smartphone, unlock it, and access the drawer. Then, press on the Settings icon (the one with the gear symbol) and on the Sounds and vibration item.

In the new screen that is shown to you at this point, tap on the wording Notification sounds, then press on the item Default notification ringtone, on that Message notifications, and/or on that Calendar notifications, to define for which type of notification you want to modify the ringtone. Then, from the list that appears, choose the warning tone you prefer (if you do not see the list, first press on the Notification sound item) and you’re done. Every time you select a ringtone in the list, a preview will be played.


Keep in mind that, in the case of some specific applications (e.g. WhatsApp), to change the ringtone used for notifications, it is not possible to intervene from the Android settings: you need to act directly on the internal settings of the reference app.

Unfortunately, in that case, I can’t be 100% accurate since I don’t know which application you want to change the ringtone for. Generalizing, however, I can tell you that to do this, just start the application of your interest, go to the settings section of the same, select the item relating to notifications and/or sounds, tap on the wording relating to the tone of the notifications and choose the ringtone you prefer from the list that appears.

If you think you need more explanations regarding the operations described in this step, I refer you to reading my tutorial specifically dedicated to how to change the notification ringtone on Samsung, through which I proceeded to talk to you about the topic with plenty of details.

How to Make a Song a Ringtone on Android with Easy Steps

In this post, you will learn how to make a song a ringtone on android device without downloading an extra application.

Make a Song as a Ringtone

Do you think that Ringtones are also released by artists? If you think it then this is wrong. The ringtones are created by users and you can say followers of Artists. Let’s learn how they create and how you can make a song as a ringtone.


How to Make a Song a Ringtone on Android

If you are still reading this article then you are very interested in it. You can make a ringtone by following the steps below.


Step 1 – Download Song

If you are ready to make a ringtone of any song then you must have a song available on your phone. Before going ahead, download the song that you are going to convert into a ringtone.


Step 2 – Find a Website

Now its time to open Google and search a keyword “Song to Ringtone“, you will see a ringtonemaker.com on top. Open that website and do the step below.


Step 3 – Make a Ringtone

Once you open a website, you will see upload file options. Click on that or you can drag and drop file. 

Listen to the entire song and note the time on which you want to create a ringtone.

Now Enter the Start Time and End Time of Song that will be converted into a ringtone. You can also manage a volume of the tone you are creating.


Furthermore, if you want to use this ringtone in Android then download your ringtone in MP3 ringtone otherwise for iPhone there is an M4R option as well.


Last Verdict

I hope you liked my contribution to How to Make a Song a Ringtone on Android with Easy Steps. After carefully reading this content. You can easily create any ringtone. Help me to grow on Facebook.